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Create A Fake FB Account Without Email /Mobile No . In 1 Min

Hi Friends,
Toady I’ll be giving you tips on how to Make Fake Account without email and mobile number in just 1 min.
This trick is awesome guyz because you don’t need any email and mobile number for facebook sign up process.
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» Open 10MInute (10 min is disposal email website)
»Here, this website give you a temporary email, copy this email
» Open ,fill up the form and paste email in email section.
» Click on Sign Up ,your account will we created on facebook
» Go to (step 1) tab and refresh the page.
» now you see a mail came from facebook, open that email click on “confirm now” button and your fake facebook account process is completed.
Now with this trick you can make verified fake facebook account without and email and Number.
Note : Do not use this trick for any illegal purpose.
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Create Your Own Run Commands By Simple Method

Today i am going to show you How To Create Of Your Own Run Commands On Your Computer On the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Run command is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. It functions more or less like a single-line command line interface. In the GNOME interface, the Run commandis used to run applications via terminal commands.


Step 1. The first step is to select the software or application for which you want to make custom Run command. For example, let us considerGoogle Chromeas the example here. Remember, you can choose any application other than which is already there in the Run command.
Step 2.In the second step, right click on the desktop of your computer system and make a new shortcut. Right click > New > Shortcut
Step 3. As you select the Shortcut option in the 2nd Step, it will open up a dialog box. And, the dialog box will ask you path of the application or software for which you want to create the Run command.
Step 4. Now, you need to browse through the files and choose the one that shows “chrome.exe”. Well, it is quite obvious that all the executable files can be found in the C drive (or wherever the Operating System has been installed), inside the folder “Program Files”. For example, “C:\ProgramFiles\GoogleChrome\chrome.exe”
Step 5. Once you are done with Step number 4, just click on “Next” button and simply provide a relative name to that shortcut. Remember, the same name will be used later in the Run command.
For example, “GC” for Google Chrome
Step 6.Now, click on the “Finish” button. Once it is done, an icon related to that application or software will show up on your computer’s screen. It means that the process of creating shortcut has been done successfully.
Step 7.In this step, just cut and paste that recently made shortcut icon into your computer’s root drive, in its Windows folder.
For example,C:\ Windows, Make sure you are the administrator of the computer or have its password.
Step 8.Now, you are done with the set up and can run the application through Run Command. Just go to Run and enter the keyword “GC”, and Google Chrome will begin executing.
So this was a Short but Usefull Tutorial to Create Run Commands for any software in windows,I Hope this Post will Easeup your Work.

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